José Manuel Peña

Spanish artist, born in Granada in 1963. His professional work is distributed in archaeology, painting, engraving and illustration. His artistic training was carried out in the “Taller de Gabia” since 1973, under the direction of Eduardo Fresneda, starting in the world of painting, ceramics and engraving.

He has collaborated with illustrations in several newspapers as well as in the layout and design of numerous exhibitions organized by public institutions, highlighting the exhibition “Funeral rituals from Prehistory to the present day”

From 1993 to 1998 he was part of the experimental engraving group “Taller Realejo”. He has done numerous training courses in the field of graphic work.

In 2003 he founded his own engraving workshop “La Estampería” in Granada, a space oriented to the research and dissemination of engraving, stamping, typography, artist’s books, etc. Since 2005 he has incorporated handmade paper as a fundamental part of his work in which he continues to research.

He has held numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Granada, Marbella, Madrid, Coruña, Malaga, Salamanca, Jaén, etc.

And numerous Engraving folders.

His work is in collections such as: La Biblioteca Naciona; Madrid, National Calcography; Madrid, Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo; St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum; Rep Gallery. Belarusian Art. Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving. Archaeological Museum of Granada. Spanish Royal House. Royal House of Morocco. Government Presidency.