The National Menu of the Zee-fakkel, dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea

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This nautical chart belongs to the third volume of the Zee-fakkel, which are 6 volumes of the main marine areas of the world.



Colored engraving: 515 x 588mm on a sheet: 538 x 603mm. 006 Performed by: Johannes Van Keulen, Claes Janszoon Vooght and Jan Luyken. In Amsterdam, 1682. Keulen’s most celebrated work is the Zee-Fakkel. Six volumes of the world’s major marine areas. This letter belongs to the third volume that is dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Zee-Fakkel charts stand out for the incorporation of graduated margins for latitude, which until now was only used in territorial maps. Another innovation will be the insertion of tables arranged within the field of the map to represent in detail geographical environments.

It also highlights the conjunction of the meridians and parallels with the heading knots. The representation of the coasts of the Kingdom of Granada starts from Vélez-Málaga and the anchorages, the pits, the islets, the fortifications and the beaches through dotted and bathymeals are indicated. Highlights the decorative scene shown. The windows delimit the port of Almeria and its bay.

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