Nautical charter of the coasts of Granada, Andalucia and Murcia

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The occupation of Menorca was staged by the English in 1708 and the uprising of the siege of Ceuta in 1727.



Colored engraving: 475 x 675mm on a sheet: 485 x 715mm.003 Performed by Henri Michelot, Peter Starckmann and Laurent Brémond. In Marseille, 1730. This card has a high decorative power given its careful invoice attributes and elegant presentation as exemplified the title gusset, composed of trophies and shields, or figurative resources that adorn the chart of graphic scales by a sailor surrounded, among other elements of bales and navigational instruments.

This is coupled with the almost pictorial use of the work of coloring. Qualities that demonstrate the skill of the engraver Peter Starckmann, who positions himself as one of the most reputed and demanded artists of his time. The letter is reminiscent of medieval portulan works by the prominence of the three wind roses, characterized by a flower of lis indicating the North and sporting two of them the cross of Malta, and with the lines of radial headings. The drawing of the coasts, geographical theme of main representation, are made with normal and dotted on the beaches, including the anchorages, pits, bathymes and planimetry of the main populations.

As is customary for nautical mapping, no details of the interior geography are provided, although two windows with territorial details of the bays of Tangier and Gibraltar are arranged. The Coast of the Kingdom of Granada, which shares prominence with those of Andalusia and Murcia, is configured through a succession of place names along the entire maritime line, being complemented by drawings of mounted elevations.

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