Dreams of the Albaicín. Playback

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“These paintings are an interpretation – never descriptive – of a surrounding reality that contains elements that integrate the heritage architecture of the city of Granada. In them out of fear of evolution, in some it becomes more evident and in others speculation leads us to other more winding journeys, although always the reference, is the natural one”.




“From my arrival in the city of Granada I felt abducted by a whole urban landscape (from my absolutely unique point of view) that, by the action of time (among other agents), was done in itself, and in my eyes, absolutely transcendent before the most spontaneous or reflective reading; I mean the chromatic remains, masonry,… floors and

every ornament that embedded in a heritage architecture, certainly deteriorated, has provided elements that served as recreation and pretext to carry out a plastic work that under the name of “dreams of the Albayzín” I carried out during the 80s.

Using that reality as a reference, I made my own the maxim that: “It does not create the better reality is reproduced but the better use is made of it”

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