Escape gazelle

Artista: José Manuel Peña

Original work made with collage of calcographic stamping, screen printing, typography and paint on handmade paper by the author with cotton linter and abaca fiber.

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It covers the poem Lorquiano “Gacela de la huida” integrated with the image Alhambreña. Poem by Federico García Lorca.” Escape Gazelle”

I’ve lost myself many times by the sea

With an ear full of freshly cut flowers.

With a tongue full of love and agony

Many times I’ve been lost by the sea,

Like I get lost in some kids’ hearts.

There is no one to kiss

don’t feel the smile of faceless people,

nor anyone who touches a newborn

forget the immobile horse skulls.

Because the roses look on the forehead

a tough bone landscape

and man’s hands don’t make any more sense

to imitate the roots underground.

As I get lost in the hearts of some children,

I’ve been lost many times by the sea.

Ignorant of the water, I’m looking

a death of light that consumes me.

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