Li regni di Granata e D Andacucia

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This map is compiled within the “Geographical Mercury…, an atlas of world geography.



Colored engraving: 550 x 850mm on a sheet: 615 x 905mm.007 Li Regni di Granata é D’Andalucia. Rome, 1696. Made by: Giacomo Cantelli, Antonio Barbey and Domenico de Rossi. This map is compiled into the “Geographical Mercury…” it is an atlas of world geography that includes, in its extended editions, a hundred pieces in 2 volumes.

The Kingdom of Granada is shown with information that is in line with characterizing the physiognomy of the place, the border boundaries and the location of its populations. The physical representation highlights its correct geographical adjustment and the vertebration of the interior space made through the mountain accidents of the Béticas, which incorporate a more organic sense with shaded masses arranged in chain.

Equally, the abundant delineation of riverbeds stands out. The population register adheres to the conventional spelling of treated urban profiles with different sizes depending on importance. For the coast, the main anchorages are identified by symbols. The application of chiaroscuros and wavy lines in the drawing and the profuse decoration of the billboards give the map its baroque aesthetics. The left gusset is a declamatory linkage of Hercules, which is displayed dressed in the lion skin of Nemea among 2 columns.

In the intercolumn is drawn a cloth that houses the dedication of the map to “César Miguel Angel de Ovalos, Marquis of Pescara and the Yusto” and the name of the engraver. The right gusset contains the author, editor and editing date that is accompanied by graphic scales and conventional signs. The set is topped with the shields of the Andalusian and Granadan kingdoms.

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