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It includes the plan of the city of Granada. Numbers and letters for locating streets and buildings, among other things.



Topographic map of the city of Granada. 008

Colored engraving:

Performed by: Francisco Dalmau, master of Mathematics of the Royal Cavalry Master of this city, and individual of the Royal Academy of Natural Sciences and Arts of Barcelona. Year of 1796. It is a two-leaf plane mounted on 61 x 102cm fabric on a 69 x 112cm sheet. Published in 1831. It comprises the population plan of the city of Granada: Marco without graduation but beautifully decorated. There is a grid that has numbers on the abscissa axis and in ordering letters, for the location of streets and buildings. In the upper left corner is the main billboard flanked by two female allegorical figures and various objects and instruments alluding to science and agriculture. In the center of the lower margin, a brief description of the City of Granada. On the sides of the map, outside the frame, nomenclator and situation of the grid streets.

In the lower margin, outside the frame, details the modifications made in 1831, since the map is raised on one of 1796 and with data from 1787, in addition to a dedication. Relief represented by normal. Planimetry with blocks of important buildings made with internal division and the rest with a dotted that fills all the space, streets, roads, bridges, garden areas, labor land and tree masses. The hydrography represents the rivers Genil and Darro with water drawing, indicating with an arrow of the course of the current. A rose of the winds is figured with 8 directions and flower of lis indicating the North.

Dedicated to the well-deserved historical and topographical celebrity of this city and the unique beauty and amenity of such a fruitful place in products, with glorious memories by A. de A. and B.M.C. their passionate. Dated during the reign of Ferdinand VIII (1808–1833). Inserts in the lower left corner: Sacromonte Plane: 15 x 9 cm. Includes nomenclator and brief description of the City in 1796.

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