Project formwork for a tsunami

Artista: Humberto Planas Camué

Title: Project formwork for a tsunami.

  • Technique: Mixed technique on cardboard.
  • Measurements of the original: 70 height x 100 width.
  • Originally made in Granada. 2013.


Project formwork for a tsunami, is nothing more than the capture of that magical moment in which the tsunami overturns with all its power and strength, threatening its sweeping ability; This work shows the moment in which the wave or tsunami reaches its maximum potential energy, to show us its wonderful energy. All this represented from the assumed way of making the formwork prop up, from an artistic point of view, that maintains that void, which will be filled from the viewer; which has always been one of the premises or ways to do in my work.

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70 alto x 100 ancho.



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