About me

Mila Cortadi Echave

My name is Mila Cortadi Echave. I was born in Hernani, in the Province of Gipuzkoa, Spain. I lived in this town during the first ten years of my life and I spent the next ten in San Sebastian, in the Antiguo neighbourhood, where my family has continued to live throughout the last 40 years (my big, dear family: I’m the third of six children).

I have also spent time living in the Canaries (nine months), Madrid (eight years) and Alicante (five months). Today, I live in Granada, where I have resided since 1995 (20 years) with my two children (aged 16 and 13 years old), who are Granada natives, and my husband, who is originally from Navarre. It’s quite a mix!


My aim is to make several posts each week that include photos, interviews, videos and other content involving active modern artists who wish to promote their work on my website. This is in addition to varying topics related to painting and art in general to ensure this is a simultaneously entertaining, informative and commercial blog.

My professional journey

I’m an art history graduate from the University of Granada (I finished my degree in 2000). I then studied the two-year course in painting conservation and restoration expertise at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada. I finished this course in 2006 and I practised for two years. From 2008 onwards, I immersed myself in painting (I’m an applied amateur) and a little engraving (a year and a half). Today, I would like to combine this blog and the online art store I hope to launch with painting as I’m passionate about art.

My life has been nothing short of interesting: I was initially a nurse. I gained my degree from the University of San Sebastian in 1986. I secured a tenured position at La Paz Hospital in Madrid and I have been on leave since 1995, which is when I came to Granada.

I am passionate about art

Mila Cortadi Echave​

How did this site come about?

This idea occurred to me as a continuation of an event that was held at Granada’s Conference Centre on 19-21 October 2012, called “CITA EN PALACIO”.

The event oversaw the hosting of many cultural activities, one of which was an art exhibition named “TODO ARTE”. It was a painting, sculpture, graphic art, photography, comic and profiling exhibition. The exhibition was organised by DAVID CONDE AYALA (www.davidcondeayala.wix.com), a renowned plastic artist in Granada and painting teacher of mine during the last four years, and an assistant.
Thanks to David Conde, I was lucky enough to meet artists who are known on the Granada scene, including: Juan Manuel Brazám, Carmelo Trenado, Juan Vida, Jesús Conde, Antonio Conde, José Manuel Darro, Pedro Garciarias, Pablo Ruíz, Luis Bertos, Javier Navarro, Gabriel Hernández Walta, and Humberto Planas, among others. In total, 57 artists took part in the event and they were all related to Granada, the city where I have been living since 1995. The event’s shortness (it only lasted three days) forced us to think about how we could continue to hold art exhibitions in the future…

We eagerly awaited the Patronage Act, but it never came… So I decided to enter the online world, starting with this exciting blog. I would like to thank Andoni González, from San Sebastian, for helping me get started.

Wish me luck! I hope you enjoy it!